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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 11/30/2005

Partial Face Transplant Done in France
Doctors use horse's ass to restore John Kerry's face.

Clark says: Saddam in Good Spirits
Great! Nothing bums a person out like a depressed mass murderer

Justices Step Into Abortion Rights Case
Justices scrape Pro-choice arguments off bottoms of their shoes

A challenge to see Muslims clearly
Try the scope on a sniper rifle

Ronald MacDonald Charged in Wendy's Theft
Supporters appeal to Burger King and plan Rallys in the Subway

Vatican Publishes Views on Gay Priests
Cardinals say proceeds from gay priests calendar to offset legal fees in pedophile cases

U.S. Relaxes Ban on Poultry From Canada
Move opens door to chickens from recently outed Canadian Parliament

Never Too Late to Quit Smoking
Unless of course you've just died from lung cancer

Rolling Stones to Perform at Super Bowl
Promoters order extra defibulators on the sidelines

Sony PlayStation to Get Parental Controls
Parents say new controls' simpler, bigger buttons levels playing field with their kids

Rolling Stones Announce European Tour
Having difficulty finding walker-accessable venues

Lingerie Store Window Has Live Models
Out-of-work GM autoworkers grateful for new job

Ride covers 50,000 miles and four years
Husband finally stops and asks for directions

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