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Monday, November 07, 2005

Headlines for Monday 11/07/2005

In China, Hunt on for Loch Ness Monster
Hunters claim "The light is better over here"

Beach Boys singer Mike Love sues Brian Wilson
Demands Barenaked Ladies do a song about him too!

Doctors Say ERs Not Ready for a Disaster
ABC and CBS offer no competition in medical show's Thursday night slot

Yahoo, TiVo Join to Blend TV, Web Services
Soon your computer will download and save other peoples emails that it thinks you would want to read

France PM: Curfews to stem riots
Forces extremists to riot during daylight hours only

Battered mail-order brides seek rights
Demand their shipping crates be marked FRAGILE, with increased padding and extra air holes

Escaped killer captured -- drunk
Authorities apologised for drinking inmate. Says they were really thirsty

Sri Lanka Candidate Offers Cows if Elected
Plans to give away all the cows the Democrats had because of the 2004 election

Three die playing catch with grenade
Community to encourage safer games in future like bobbing for french fries

Judge Aims to Prevent Dead Voters in N.J.
Equips all wards and precincts with crosses and garlic

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