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Monday, November 14, 2005

Headlines for Monday 11/14/2005

Today's headliney goodness is brought to you by Clipomatic. Literally. When I do headlines I scan through newsfeeds in my RSS feed reader. When I find a headline I like I open it in a browser window. Then I use Blogger's "BLOG THIS" to open another window with the headline and link to source in it. I add my incredibly humorous line and then cut and paste the entire thing into the Blogger post which is open in yet another window. Well the unimaginable happened. One of my Browsers windows hung! When I closed the unresponsive window, it closed ALL the IE windows! All my headlines were not saved and GONE.

Well I use Clipomatic a freeware utility that infinitaly increases the usefulness of the clipboard. It allows you to copy/cut up to 10 items and stores them all. You can then paste them in whatever order you want. There are lots more features so check it out. Every one of my headlines was still in the cache. Thank you Mike Lin. And both of my readers thank you too! Now back to the Headlines.

Arab-American Comedians Find Humor in Fear
Now it's the audience whose afraid the performer will bomb

Carter 'disturbed' by direction of U.S.
Forward has always confused former president.

Gere Researches Role in Albuquerque
Actor reprises "Pretty Woman" role as divorcee in sequel "Ugly Ho With Half My Stuff"

Lawsuit against Gene Simmons a go
Aging rocker looks to K.I.S.S. and makeup

Anne Rice turns to Jesus
Writing goes from drenched in blood to Washed in the Blood

McMillan confronts gay ex-husband
Audience agrees, husband was straight before marriage

Abbott awaits report into abortion drug
Costello remains pro-life

McMillan confronts gay ex-husband
Susan St. James discusses new McMillan and Ex-Wife series

Twin sisters try to fool judge
Plot failed when judged noticed Mary Kate Olsen looked nothing like Tia Mowery

1 square inch of land for sale at $1,500
Buyers hope to recoup cost by placing tiny red hotel and hoping people land on it

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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