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Monday, November 28, 2005

A O Way to Go Ohio

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Okay first let me apologize for quoting Chrissy Hinde. While I have enjoyed her work and that of the Pretenders in the past, she is a whacked out moonbat and I try not to associate with her. But the line fit like a glove so sue me. (Not really if you are some kind of a moonbat lawyer.)

Anyway, my beloved Buckeye State has license plates. They say “Choose Life”. Yeah baby! They were signed into law back in February and scheduled production started May 15th.

The Ohio Choose Life Website states:
860 Choose life plates have sold in Ohio as of November 22, 2005 raising $16,580 for Ohio’s adoption effort. Soon the plate may be available for commercial vehicles!! Spread the word and plan ahead for this option.

Tell everyone. Use church bulletins, bulletin boards, community storefront windows, letters to the editor, phone calls, email, newsletters and any other means possible.
Keep the prayers going please. Many want to stop us! Many seem to be against adoption efforts expanding in Ohio. You must help promote the plate to further the funds from each sale to your county all throughout the year. Your purchase sends your money back to your county and surrounding county agencies. It is vital that we all promote and purchase the Choose Life plate to grow the monies to be distributed across Ohio.

The Choose Life plate raises money for adoption in Ohio. Naturally the baby murder promoters have their panties in a wad. The ACLU and NARAL have tried to stop the production of the plate not only in Ohio but in other states as well. The ACLU filed suit on May 2nd, just before production began. The Choose Life site says:

The Aclu Court Challenges Are No Surprise.
Ohio Choose Life, Inc. Views the Challenges to be Unwarranted
Three lawsuits against the Choose Life license plate in Florida have all been unsuccessful.
The U.S. 11TH Circuit Court ruled, "The first amendment does not require states to authorize the speech of those who have expressed no interest in speaking; it only protects the rights of those who wish to speak." This shows the application processes are not discriminating when the opposition does not use that process to apply for a plate and they should not claim standing in court unless the do. The opposition has only applied to get their specialty plate in other states solely to gain "standing" to file suit. If their bill does not move through the process for lack of support, such as NARAL claims in Ohio, that is not the fault of their so-called opposition. They can make another attempt at any time.

This court challenge by the ACLU as in other states comes just before production is to begin, and at the same time will interfere with extending the outreach of agencies assisting pregnant women and girls in need of support and necessities during their pregnancy. We need to work together to reach out to women and girls when they face an unwanted pregnancy. Why would anyone stand in the way of helping those in need? This specialty plate does not in any way take away the rights of women. Ohio's Choose Life adoption plate is very different from other states as it clearly shows our message.
The Choose Life kids are surrounded by the text "ADOPTION BUILDS A FAMILY".

Ohio's Choose Life specialty plate does not make a political statement as some have claimed. It sounds good, but this is not true. In Ohio, the motorists have made it clear they want this plate, the legislative procedure was followed and Ohio Governor Bob Taft signed the Ohio Choose Life plate into law February 15, 2005. That is the process.
The Choose Life adoption plate is an attempt by the Ohio legislature to meet the urgent need of many women and children.
This plate will assist agencies already helping women with unplanned pregnancies see the benefit of adoption. It is a choice we can all live with.

So all across the country, people are trying to raise money to promote adoption as an alternative to murder and the ACLU is screaming that it interferes with woman’s rights. Typical. Why is the loony left so opposed to alternatives to their philosophies? Why is a young girl with an unwanted pregnancy automatically suppose to kill her child without even considering letting it be born? The ACLU, NARAL and their kind are EVIL! Pure and simple.


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