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Friday, February 08, 2008

All Searches Lead To Dane Bramage

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Well I thought it was about time for another installment of ASLTDB. What's interesting is that some of the old standbys are here and some new ones too. The search string is in bold white and the post text it found is in light blue.

haunted stories in mantua ohio
Ohioans have the ability to spell words like Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas. They can properly pronounce the name of Portage County town Mantua
Ah My Thursday 13 on Fun Facts About Ohio. And BTW it's man' oo way

"Merry Christmas" to Danes Merry Christmas ACLU
There were quite a few searchers looking for Danes and Merry Christmas. I hope they weren't too disappointed whenI posted about the Christmas card campaign aimed at the ACLU.

when is booker t washington's birthday chrys over at Pettifog Jots and Tittles reminded me that yesterday was Booker T. Washington's Birthday. But it was Nightfighter at My Right Mind that came up with an incredible quote:
There were several searches for this. I mentioned Booker T. Washington' birthday which is April 5th in a 2006 post. I guess people are asking because it is close to George Washington's birthday and they are confused.

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The Empire Wants You!

No matter when I check the search results, this picture I took at Gen Con Indy in 2005 always brings traffic. This and the Lego version of Mos Eisly Spaceport.

star wars valentine Something Awful:A Very Star Wars Valentines
It's that time of year and people are looking for that very special Valentine sentiment.

Now And Again Opening titles/theme (both versions)

This is the opening theme song to the CBS TV show "Now and Again". The strange part is I'm listed at YouTube as linking to the video and the page is in Japanese. I am not sure how that works.

At least this time I didn't find the "Naked Nuns" string that always brings people here. Maybe next time.


Eve said...

I was sure I commented on this post a few days ago. But I don't see any comments here. I enjoyed this post as with everything I've read here.

I visit you today to share a game of tag, and you are IT. I've tagged you with a very short, easy meme. Find the rules here.

Dane Bramage said...

I will post my reply probably Friday. I don't know what could have happened with the other comment. I didn't get an email notifying me that someone left a comment.