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"O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years, . . . in wrath remember mercy" (Habakkuk 3:2).
"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dane Bramage the Hater Checking In

I got an intersting comment to my post election post.  Anonymous said...
Hurray, in spite of you haters out there, you are missing the historic significance. It was time for the birth of this social and political change in this country.You can't stop a birth. Sorry that you feel the way you do about the rest of your family. Maybe they recognize something more profound that you refuse to realize.How would your grandparents or your great-granparents feel about last night's
historic moment. Your G-Ma was born in the 1800's without the right to vote, and was double-discriminated against because she was born on a reservation.Stop drinking Haterade!

Yea! Yea! Black man is President! We've come along way baby! There. Significance duly noted.

Funny how I'm a hater because I oppose Obama. I don't oppose him because he is black. I oppose him because he supports abortion, he's inexperienced, and he is a tax and spend democrat. My family wasn't voting to make history. My family is mostly clueless, well my sister is clueless (he he). My family voted for Obama because he is black. I'm sorry but I got past the man's color on day one and evaluated the content of his character. Needless to say I found him wanting. If you voted for him because he's black or because you somehow felt this country had to prove something by electing a black president then you put him in office for the wrong reasons. Yeah Grandma had it tough, but those days are gone. Change has come and believe it or not the agents of change were not liberal Democrats. If you had bothered to listen to McCain's concession speech, you would have heard him mention how outraged people were when Teddy Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to the White House. The loudest objectors? Segregationalists all of whom were Democrats.

The historical significance is not lost on me. It was greatly diminished because it was so politicized. The nature of partisan politics has the Democrats breaking their arms patting themselves on the back as if they had some great hand in bringing this about. They didn't.

Historically Democrats have always opposed better race relations. They don't mention the contribution of Republicans to making Barak's moment possible. You know, men like Hiram Revels, the first black man elected Senator (of Mississippi no less) and a Republican. Your boy Barak would never had been heard of if Hiram hadn't paved the way. Democrats tried to block Hiram's entry into the senate. Nor have I forgotten that the staunchest opponents to Civil rights were Democrats.
Sure Barack can have his moment in history but it would have happened without him eventually. He should consider himself blessed to have been chosen but I suspect he is too full of himself and his "historical significance" to give credit where credit is due. And in January, when he starts his job as President of the United States, we will see if he is worthy of this historical honor. It would be a shame if the most significant thing of the Obama Presidency was the fact that he was credited with being the first black POTUS.

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Anonymous said...

Are you really that naive to believe your family voted for Obama because he is black? That is the farthest thing from the truth. Technically is only HALF-BLACK.Why do you say he's inexperienced? At What?Of being the 1st black on the Harvard Law Review, Of Being a successful undergrad, and graduate student. For having a Juris Doctorate, for Being a good law professor? For passing up the trappings of extreme wealth to return to Chicago to fight for the community? For being a darn good community organizer(Which is why his campaign was so successful). For believing we can pull together and make our voices heard? He is a Senator from Chicago who has worked in the state and US Senate. Yes he may be inexperienced at being president of the US, but so was everybody else that was running. Obama is a diplomat and a very very intelligent man, he is gracious and humble and very much grounded. He loves!! his family and has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He is also a visionary and foward thinker. And he's young and HEALTHY!Any intellectual can appreciate a kindred spirit and a learned man. An extremely intelligent man like yourself should be happy we have a fine representative for our country.He can't help it he's the complexion of your baby sis (he-he)

Dane Bramage said...

Well for starters let's say he is inexperienced in politics. While he and McCain lacked executive experience, Obama lacked political experience by decades in comparison. How about military experience? McCain knows the military and served. Obama did not. Bubba Clinton didn't serve but when he ran we were not at war so it wasn't that big an issue then. It certainly is now.

If my family didn't vote for Obama because he was black then why? The resume to included is impressive if I wanted to hire a dean of boys at a private school but it is severely lacking for the highest office in the land. And surely you must be joking about "passing up the trappings of extreme wealth to return to Chicago to fight for the community". Barak has shown that he is as elitist as most of his tax-and-spend buddies. Or have you forgotten his comments about middle class people clinging to their guns and religion and worried about the price of arugala? And how about his "above my paygrade" comment? real leadership potential there.

I know I am not going to persuade you or the rest of the morons who truly believe Obama is the messiah. His association with known terrorists won't bother you because you don't believe they are terrorist. And at this point his lack of qualifications is moot. He is not a good man, he is not a good leader and I didn't vote for him but like everybody else I am stuck with him for at least 4 years. He's the President of my country and he has my respect for his office. He has four years to earn my respect as a leader and as a man. Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...,0,6553798.story
Shelby Steele has a good article summing up the drawing power of The One.

I, for one, will rest my head and dream my dreamy dreams if there is even a slight chance that Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton will quit blowing so much hot air. If even for a short time.

How long will my $500 tax cut get me when I get laid off? Hey, $500 won't even buy me 40 acres and a mule.