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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday is NOT Presidents Day!

I am really sick and tired of the alleged PC crowd referring to the upcoming holiday as “President’s Day”.  It is NOT President’s Day, there is no such holiday.  Monday we will be celebrating Washington’s Birthday.

“But Dane, my calendar says President’s Day. Surely calendar makers know what day it is!” You’ll reply.

Apparently they don’t Many calendars list it as President’s Day.  Now for some background:  Richard Nixon’s executive order declared some holidays to be celebrated on Mondays regardless of when they fell. This was done in ‘68.  Washington’s Birthday was one of them. It is still called Washington’s Birthday according to the law books and was first celebrated in ‘71. The confusion arose when people stopped celebrating Lincoln’s birthday which was never an actual Federal holiday. Many states recognized and celebrated Lincoln’s birthday but stopped after 1969. I suppose some genius declared “Hey why not celebrate both birthdays on that Monday”.  And thus we get President’s Day.

As a stickler for detail and the truth I still call it Washington’s Birthday.

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PdProTour said...

In the same vein, why do we celebrate MLK day when he was nothing more than an organized thug, and there are more Black people that have done far more good for our country that are NOT recognized.