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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My Heart Breaks for Bhengazhi

I feel that one of the consequences of a second Obama term is that we may never know the truth about how four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens were left to die during an eight hour attack in Benghazi, Libya.

President Obama deflected all questions about Bengazi during the campaign. Mitt Romney did not press the issue which analysts are saying may have contributed to his defeat. The Non-Fox media hasn’t touched the story, a story some say is bigger than Watergate.

If you depend on Non-Fox media for your news then you may not be aware so here us the timeline according to
Sept. 11: The Attack

2:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8:30 p.m. Benghazi time): U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens steps outside the consulate to say goodbye to a Turkish diplomat. There are no protesters at this time. (“Everything is calm at 8:30,” a State Department official would later say at an Oct. 9 background briefing for reporters. “There’s nothing unusual. There has been nothing unusual during the day at all outside.”)

3 p.m.: Ambassador Stevens retires to his bedroom for the evening. (See Oct. 9 briefing.)

Approximately 3:40 p.m. A security agent at the Benghazi compound hears “loud noises” coming from the front gate and “gunfire and an explosion.” A senior State Department official at the Oct. 9 briefing says that “the camera on the main gate reveals a large number of people – a large number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound.”

About 4 p.m.: This is the approximate time of attack that was given to reporters at a Sept. 12 State Department background briefing. An administration official identified only as “senior administration official one” provides an official timeline of events at the consulate, but only from the time of the attack — not prior to the attack. The official says, “The compound where our office is in Benghazi began taking fire from unidentified Libyan extremists.” (Six of the next seven entries in this timeline — through 8:30 p.m. EDT — all come from the Sept. 12 briefing. The exception being the 6:07 p.m. entry, which comes from Reuters.)

About 4:15 p.m.: “The attackers gained access to the compound and began firing into the main building, setting it on fire. The Libyan guard force and our mission security personnel responded. At that time, there were three people inside the building: Ambassador Stevens, one of our regional security officers, and Information Management Officer Sean Smith.”

Between 4:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m.: Sean Smith is found dead.

About 4:45 p.m.: “U.S. security personnel assigned to the mission annex tried to regain the main building, but that group also took heavy fire and had to return to the mission annex.”

About 5:20 p.m.: “U.S. and Libyan security personnel … regain the main building and they were able to secure it.”

Around 6 p.m.: “The mission annex then came under fire itself at around 6 o’clock in the evening our time, and that continued for about two hours. It was during that time that two additional U.S. personnel were killed and two more were wounded during that ongoing attack.”

6:07 p.m.: The State Department’s Operations Center sends an email to the White House, Pentagon, FBI and other government agencies that said Ansar al-Sharia has claimed credit for the attack on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. (The existence of the email was not disclosed until Reuters reported it on Oct. 24.)

About 8:30 p.m.: “Libyan security forces were able to assist us in regaining control of the situation. At some point in all of this – and frankly, we do not know when – we believe that Ambassador Stevens got out of the building and was taken to a hospital in Benghazi. We do not have any information what his condition was at that time. His body was later returned to U.S. personnel at the Benghazi airport.”

About 10:00 p.m.: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issues a statement confirming that one State official was killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Her statement, which MSNBC postedat 10:32 p.m., made reference to the anti-Muslim video.

Request for help from those under fire were denied three times. All sorts of excuses came from the White House. They said they didn’t have enough information even though they were watching the attack in real time. They maintained for two weeks that it wasn’t a terrorist attack, a claim they had to retract and Obama changed his story to say he called it a terror attack as early as Sept.12th However, At no time did Obama convene the Counterterrorism Security Group, (CSG) whose sole purpose is to muster anti-terrorist assets during a terror attack.

In an interview Obama said that he gave an order that night to use whatever resources were available to secure the consulate and the America lives there. That order was not followed. No help was sent. Niether has the White House produced evidence of that order.

So here we are after the election. There are no new developments in the story. I believe Obama will do whatever it takes to bury the truth. This has all the markings of an Epic Fail in the Oval Office and Barak is not going to let that mar his legacy building term. He’ll pick a fall guy and dump the blame on him, business as usual for Barak H. Obama.

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