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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Freedom to Petition the Government to Redress…Ummmm Donuts.

I think it is a sad thing that more people can name the Simpsons and the judges from American Idol than can name the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. This is sad for two reasons. The first is that it shows that our schools aren’t teaching our kids what is important. You might think that it could mean that people aren’t as interested in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they are in popular culture and TV. To me it is the same thing. Failure to teach is more than the inability to get someone to memorize facts. It is an inability to convey to them WHY something is important.

This leads to my second reason. If people do not know what their freedoms are, anyone can lie about them. How many times have you heard that “Separation of Church and State” is in the constitution? It isn’t. But if you didn’t know better you would swear it was because the ACLU uses it to put a barrier between Christians and government. What amendment guarantees a woman’s right to an abortion? There is no such right nor language to such. But “penumbras from the emanations” of the Bill of Rights apparently exist which contains this mythical right.

So if people think more of knowing who Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are than they do knowing that the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Peaceably Assemble and Freedom to Petition the Government to Redress Grievances, then don’t let it surprise you one day to wake up and find your rights are gone. Every one of our First Amendment rights is under attack from the left. Every one of them.

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