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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Headlines for Thursday 3/02/2006

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Strip club operator runs for school board
Parents concerned about new after school activities proposed

Woman pleads guilty in cheese hit man plot
Gets 10 years but could get out sooner on Gouda behavior

Students to pay for massive food fight
Pay-per-View bout carried on FoodTV

Probation Card Found at Burglary Scene
Suspect claims he was framed. He was robbing another home at the time of the break-in

Customers Cook Up Trouble With Fake Penis
Suspects: "What do you mean its called penne posta?

Fla. Man Kills Roommate Over Toilet Paper
He was serious about not squeezin the Charmin

150 vie for wild turkey calling title
Thousands of drunks vie for Wild Turkey drinking title

Thieves Make Off With $26,000 of Beer
Suspects angry that they couldn't compete in the Wild Turkey competition

Willy the Red River Hog Cuddles and Naps With Antelope at the Los Angeles Zoo
Willy: "I wish I knew how to quit you Nicole"

School Pig Castration Sparks Protests
Antelopes warned Willy to stick with his own kind

Brazil bishops say go easy on Carnival sex, booze
"Save some for us" was their reason.

Psycho Path Voted Wackiest Street Name
I got nuthin for this one but then does it need a comment?

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