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Friday, March 10, 2006

Headlines for Friday 3/10/2006

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Bobcat survives arrow shot through head
Goldthwait resting comfortably after tragic Steve Martin impersonation attempt

Vitamin-Packed Beer?
"I'll be late getting home. Me and the guys are gonna knock back a few vitamins after work"

Patrick Dempsey Reveals His Dyslexia
"Hi. My name is Tap, and I have Dyslexia"

New Video Shows Blanco Saying Levees Safe
Governor is quoted "These levees will hold unless Bush orders them blown up to kill black people"

Noni Juice: Can It Lower Cholesterol?
Yes. But do you know how hard it is to juice a noni?

Saturn moon spewing water vapor
Some satellites just can't hold their liquids

Deputies Tackle Calif. Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgeon has very weak running game. Expected to start passing

Community Divided Over Transgender Teacher
Despondent teacher wanders streets with hands in her pockets feeling her change

France Discovers Two Living WWI Veterans
French government officials immediately surrendered to them

Ohio Man to Social Security: I'm Not Dead
Social Security: "He will be soon. He's very ill."
Ohio Man: "I'm getting better!"
Social Security: "You're not. You'll be stone dead in a few minutes."

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