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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More "Less AIDS Deaths"

I blogged about the total lack of millions of AIDS related deaths not ravaging Africa like the liberal guilt machine predicted. Now there are fewer AIDS deaths worldwide but the Liberal agenda spin doctors are quick to point out that the reduction is mostly on paper.
Much of the drop is due to revised numbers from India - which earlier this year slashed its numbers in half, from about 6 million cases to about 3 million - and to new data from several countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Previous AIDS numbers were largely based on the numbers of infected pregnant women at clinics, as well as projecting the AIDS rates of certain high-risk groups like drug users to the entire population at risk. Officials said those numbers were flawed, and are now incorporating more data like national household surveys
So how does this work exactly? They inflated the number of AIDS cases to hype the scare. They "projected" AIDS on the population based on a couple of actual cases. People started noticing that they were off by, oh say, 50% in India. Now that the numbers are accurately reflecting the lack of pandemic, they don't want us to give it much heed because the adjustment is on paper and not a real reduction in AIDS cases. What it is, they don't want any reduction in the SCARE of an AIDS epidemic obviously. Isn't anyone besides me upset that they lied about the number of cases to begin with?

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