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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #56

Dane Bramage Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #56

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 Types of People Who Get On My Nerves

I generally love everybody but sometimes there are certain types of people who get on my nerves in a big way. My nerves have been acutely raw because of some of them recently.

  1. People Who Can't Keep Their Promises As a Christian Bus Captain I see this every week when I visit my kids. Their parents swear that the kids are coming and will be ready. But lo and behold come Sunday morning the kids aren't going. The parents don't even bother coming to the door to tell me they aren't coming.

  2. People Who Make Excuses for Their Shortcomings "I was going to do it but the weather wasn't good enough". When the weather breaks, "Oh I need a special tool". etc..

  3. People Who Make Excuses for Other Peoples Shortcomings "Well he would have done it but he has been so sick lately." Yeah watching the weather and looking for tools can really wear you down.

  4. Unreliable People What is it with the world today. It used to be when someone said they were going to do something they did it. Today people tell you they are going to do something and it is "understood" that they are exempt from completing their task if something better, more important, easier, pays more, comes along. When it does they usually become a #2 person.

  5. People Who Think You Are Stupid Ever have someone make such an outrageously stupid and/or false statement and look at you in all seriousness expecting you to believe it?

  6. Fence Walkers Ever try to get someone to commit one way or another on an issue and all they do is give you excuses on why they can't decide?

  7. Liars All liars are fryers. I have no use for someone who deliberately tells me a falsehood. And no I don't buy it when they try to excuse it with "I changed my mind."

  8. Busybodies I only have one such neighbor and I try to be loving and kind but she is constantly calling city and county agencies on me. She has a problem that requires a 12 step program to fix but she wont go go go.

  9. People Who Do Things For The Common Good(As They See It)

  10. Thieves And I don't mean the old Dungeons and Dragons character class (although they do make great pit detectors). I hate people who just take things or worse, people who feel entitled to your things because they don't have it as good as you.

  11. Liberal Democrats Redundant I know. They were covered under liars and thieves.

  12. Hypocrites Whether they are celebrity spokesmen who don't live their beliefs, or former politicians who blatantly contribute to the problems they are crusading to solve, hypocrites really rub me the wrong way.

  13. Celebrity Know-It-Alls Just because someone made a movie or won an Oscar doesn't make them an expert on anything else. If they want to stop global warming they can start by shutting up.

There I feel much better now! If you have a particular type of person, or a specific person you don't like right now, tell us in the comments. Note:It is not really possible to read a person's mind. Any celebrity images with thought bubbles were created for parody and ridicule of said celebrity.)

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