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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #60

Thursday Thirteen #60

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 Things I Really Want for Christmas but Won't Ever Get

There are some things I want for Christmas but they are out of reach in some form or fashion. Either they are too expensive or the world won't make the necessary changes to bring about my personal desire. How dare they? And some are scientifically impossible (for now). So here is my list:

  1. Halle Berry Clone If you are going to wish, wish big I always say.

  2. Personal Time Machine I would go back to certain key points of my life and avoid the screw ups. Especially the ones from my college days.

  3. Financial Freedom 40 or 50 million dollars would do it. Or maybe just tons of stock in successful companies.

  4. PC Free Zone A place where there are no hyphenated Americans. A place where people stop sugar coating everything they think might offend. And most importantly a place where people don't get offended at everything. Yeesh.

  5. Congress with Character A congress that supports our nation's troops in word and deed. One that will take National Security and Immigration very seriously. One that actually works would be nice for starters.

  6. Piano Lessons I've always wanted to play the piano.

  7. 50" Plasma HDTV This is doable but I'd have to sell my house and I don't think the refrigerator box I'd be living in has a wall big enough.

  8. Laser Eyes If looks could kill, then I want the eyes to do it with. The world would be better off with some people reduced to ash with a glance.

  9. Millions of Babies Yes I want millions of babies. No I don't want to father them, I want them to be born. I want a world without abortion.

  10. A Stepford Wife Not a robot or android like the movie, but a conservative sweet spirited woman who adores her husband and loves her role as wife, mother and keeper of the home. you know, a Christian wife. Funny how Hollywood makes those traits seem sinister.

  11. Guitar Lessons I've always wanted to play guitar. I guess all the musical talent went to my two time Grammy award-winning cousin.(You can hover over the link.)

  12. Psychokinesis This coupled with the lasers eyes would be way cool! I'd be like a black Superman!

  13. More Brothers and Sisters Somebody pick my mom up off the floor. I didn't mean she would have to 'get busy'. I mean more brothers and sisters in Christ. I know we add to our family by obeying the Great Commission and witnessing for Christ but I would like for all those who claim to be Christians to act more like brothers and sisters.

So there's my list. Add your own "want but won't get" item in the comments

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