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Monday, May 12, 2008

Bumper Sticker Rebuttal

I love good bumper Stickers. I have even posted some of my favorite sayings from bumper stickers here before. Normally I am very tolerant of bumper stickers that express views I don't hold or says something dumb. And these stickers are almost exclusively liberal in nature. Even so I don't get all worked up over anti-gun or anti-war stickers.  Usually I don't.

I saw a bumper sticker over the weekend that got me on a slow boil and I needed to say something about it. The sticker:
War is a poor chisel with which to carve out tomorrow.

Okay on the surface it is typical anti-war rhetoric but it really started to get to me on other levels. So war is a poor chisel, but it is a chisel none the less and when you think about it, it has been the most effectively used chisel. Good or bad, war has shaped our world. I would challenge the genius who came up with this bit of wisdumb to list what he/she thinks is a better chisel. Oh and before you answer "Peace", keep in mind that peace has never been an effective tool in our world history. In fact there has never been a generation of peace since Solomon's reign. So what chisel was this moonbat thinking about?

I was also upset because other implications of this statement were that the Revolutionary  War chisel which carved the tomorrow that is this nation, was a poor chisel, or the World War II chisel which carved the tomorrow that is a world free of Hitler's tyranny was a poor chisel. The mental midget who thought up this saying discounts the sacrifices and lives of all who fought for the freedom of others during these "poor chisels".

While I'm ranting I might as well take a shot at another popular moonbat sticker. It is one with "COEXIST" spelled out using the religious symbols from all the major religions. I would just like to point out to the Captain Oblivious who authored  that sticker, that  coexistence  is not possible when  doctrines of certain religions  call for the extermination  of  the others.  Get a clue. Or do moonbats really think that people with strongly held religious beliefs will simply put them aside to achieve the lovely dream state of "Coexistence"?

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Anonymous said...

I JUST saw that "Coexist" sticker the other day, interesting you'd mention it. I agree with you 100%