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Friday, May 30, 2008

Vets *for* Freedom

Here are a couple of internet ads done by the Vets for Freedom posing the question to Barack Obama; "Why won't you visit Iraq to see first hand the success our military is having?"

And a good question it is. Obama has said he would NOT visit Iraq and he has made no effort to meet with General Patreaus to be briefed. This is not the kind of behavior we should accept from a potential future CIC. There really is no excuse for not wanting to know what is going on in Iraq regardless of how you feel about the war. It looks bad, really really bad.

And apparently Obama knows this now. He has flip-flopped softened his position on visiting the troops and says he will consider a trip. How political of him.

Check out these videos and if you get a chance visit the VFF site.

(Hat Tip: David Drake)
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