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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Headlines For Friday 1-29-2010

  1. Leader slaughters goats to ward off evil?
  2. Obama's efforts failed as McCain-Feingold is overturned, Scott Brown is elected, and Health reform is killed.
  3. German pensioner torches car battling frost
  4. Insert your own joke about a Hot Rod here...
  5. Prisoners dance for Jackson DVD
  6. When asked to comment the late entertainer said "Brains....BRAAAAIIIINS......!
  7. Pope John Paul II Whipped Himself as Act of Penance, Book Claims
  8. Book also says pontiff handcuffed himself and was fond of latex clothing.
  9. Alien Life Could Already Be on Earth, Say Scientists
  10. Obama reassures world that Pelosi was born here.
  11. Cops stop cyclist with butcher knife-pool cue axe
  12. Police come under fire for using non-standard law enforcement weapons.
  13. Jury considers if Kansas abortion slaying was murder
  14. Why does no one consider if Abortion is murder?
  15. Health Bill 'On Life Support' After Obama Appeal
  16. Republicans ask that the bill be given the same treatment the average American would receive under the bill and pull the plug!
  17. Bin Laden Blames U.S. for Global Warming in New Tape
  18. Claims he wants to destroy America to save the polar bears
  19. Pa. woman manages to crash car into her own home
  20. A remarkable accomplishment since she was aiming for the neighbors house

That's all for now. Check back again for more headliney goodness.

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