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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meme Musical Quiz Answers

Well lyn and chrys guessed the first CD was 'The Very Best of The Manhattan Transfer. I have always love The Manhattan Transfer and I have seen them more than any other performers live. The song that this CD shares with the second is "Birdland". The second CD which no one guessed is by the group who first wrote and performed Birdland which inspired Manhattan Transfer's version. The group is Weather Report and the CD is the 1977 Heavy Weather.
Here is an excerpt From NPR: Weather Report: 'Heavy Weather':

SPELLMAN: It's hard to pick out a sample from a composition like "Birdland" because it's all of a piece. There are no big solos, but a series of conversations between the electronic and acoustic instruments, with vocal sounds, and handclaps thrown in. Joe Zawinul is especially interesting with a gorgeous palette of keyboard effects, all perfectly placed so that the music is loaded with surprise.

I don't know if I have a favorite group or musical performer but in a list of favorites, Manhattan Transfer and Weather Report would be near the top.

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