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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Headlines for Wednesday 2/8/2006

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Moss on the cover of French Vogue
Rolling Stone couldn't gather supermodel

Kidman Accepts Role As Goodwill Ambassador
Duties include driving truck accepting clothing donations

Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears
Crazy people who jump into freezing water in winter nearly extinct

A setback for 'Brokeback'
Even SAG doesn't buy into Gay Cowboy hype

Woman Does 'Mouth-To-Beak' to Save Chicken
Rescuer credited with giving first life saving crow job

Lohan injured in teacup accident
Actress vows never to get on rickety carney ride again

Rare Chlamydia Strain Infecting Gay Men
CDC fears large increase in "Brokeback Clap" cases

Police Arrest 11-Year-Old in Robbery Case
Judge:"I thought you were joking when you said you arrested Billy the Kid"

Italian Priest Wants Michael Jackson on CD
Priests and Jackson said to have similar tastes

Tiny Babies Receive Domino Heart Transplant
Hearts are delivered in thirty minutes or they're free

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