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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Random Firing of Neurons

Some thoughts about nothing in particular

The King Funeral

Coretta Scott King was a very dignified woman and I think it spoke to her importance to have the sitting President as well as three former Presidents at her funeral. But power sucking moonbat leeches couldn’t let a photo-op go by without taking stabs at President Bush.  But many people have already commented on their shameful behavior. The Cultural Strategist said it very well: Mrs. King's Funeral: Kneegrows, Bush And Black People

A few years back President Bush visited the King Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend to lay a wreath at the tomb of the great civil rights leader. With hundreds of angry Black folks protesting the presence of President Bush on these hallowed grounds, having been provoked to show up by the local Black media outlets Mrs. King stood by Bush’s side as he offered tribute to her husband who rested, encased inside of his tomb, the eternal flame still burning. We learned today from Reverend Lowery and others today that Mrs. King was in strong disagreement with many of Bush's policies, particularly the war. During the time of her funeral, with Mrs. King being silent for eternity in this world, Lowery and others decided to lend their voice to the body that lay in an open casket, spouting words in public to President Bush that THIS WOMAN DID NOT DO while she was in the flesh on this Earth, fully capable to do so. It seems to me that Reverend Lowery and others who borrowed Mrs. King's name today to "Speak Truth to Power" failed to borrow her dignity. They only borrowed her corpse.

Hat Tip to Perspectives in Motion

The Superbowl

Living in Browns country I cannot publicly admit that I was supporting the Steelers. So don’t tell anyone.  I haven’t actually watched a Superbowl in over a decade. But I spent an hour and a half last night watching the commercials which you can see at IFILM.  I was disappointed at this year’s crop. But it was good to see that two of the Muppets can still find work. And I hope Verizon will one day offer crime deterrent so I don’t have to switch to Sprint.

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