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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

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Thursday Thirteen #24

13 things about Dane Bramage

New Years Resolution Edition

Well another year has started and I thought It would be nice to make some resolutions for 2007, you know for all the right reasons. Plus It gives me another Thursday 13 to do at the end of the year explaining why I didn't keep them! Two for one, we are all about value. So here are 13 New Years Resolutions for 2007.
  1. Be a Better Christian It takes work and sometimes when you think you've arrived you are far, far from the mark. So I am adjustiing my course this year.

  2. Read Through The Bible I am going to read through the Bible again.

  3. Post More Seeing how slack I was in 2006 this should be a piece of cake.

  4. Get More Involved in Charity Work I will give more of my time and talents for others this year.

  5. Lose Some Weight I could be cheesy and not set a weight loss goal and then when the holiday pounds drop off say I have accomplished my resolution, but that would only work if I keep them off during the next holiday season.

  6. Work Harder at Church I will do more in the choir, Men's Quintet and in the Bus Ministry

  7. Be More Politically Active 2008 is not that far away and if the Republicans want to take back the House and Senate, we need to start now. Mud won't sling itself! (kidding!)

  8. Learn to Be a Better Photographer Self improvement isn't limited to spiritual and philosophical endeavors. I want to be a better picture takerer.

  9. Learn to Be a Better Photochopper Once I take a good picture, I want to be able to alter it beyond all recognition.

  10. Whip the Ole Homestead Into Shape I have been a homeowner for over three years and I really need to start putting some work into the place.

  11. Read More I will make a list of books to read and make time to read them. (Including Trucker's Tales and The Rest Falls Away)

  12. Take Better Care of Myself As much as I would like it to be otherwise, I am getting old. And I am showing it. Time to invest in the care and maintenance of the old temple.

  13. Make a List of 13 Resolutions There that one is done!

1. Karen W
2. Chelle Y.
3. amy
4. laura
5. Raggedy
6. my 2 cents
7. Nathalitanis
8. Barbara H.
9. SciFiChick
10. John Masters(JAM)
11. My payperpost facts
12. Cindy Swanson
13. Barb
14. N. Mallory
15. Dani
16. ChubbyBunny

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