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Thursday, March 08, 2007

12 Angry Men and Two Alternates (Part Two)

Well the State of Ohio requires that Lola face her accused so Lulu had to testify. Her credibility as a witness was immediately suspect when it was revealed that she had killed her husband (who was not Lola’s dad) by shooting him once in the back of the head and then four times through the heart. She said he had ties to the Mafia and threatened to kill her. She was convicted and served seven years in prison and eleven years on parole. She has filed a vast number of appeals in her case. Twenty six were dismissed by the Supreme Court as frivolous. She maintains that she remembers nothing of the incident and she was “told” that she shot her husband. Then she went o a weird tangent saying that she had evidence that things didn’t play out the way she was told on the night she shot her husband. She wanted to know who all those men were and what they were doing on the bridge at that time in the morning. Then she said she had evidence that suggested that she wasn’t even there at all.

When asked if she saw her daughter in the courtroom, she looked around confused at first, then asked if she could take off her bifocals and put on her trifocals which were heavily tinted. After donning the glasses she took a oddly long look at Lola. I thought it was going to be a toss-up as to whether she would recognize her but she said “There she is. Wearing the nice jacket. She looks nice today.” Moms. Well aside from that she pretty much laid out the details as they occurred. Nice visit, dinner, back to the house. Then she said Lola began to accuse her of some terrible things, and saying bad things about her mom, whom she didn’t know. She thought that the mob was trying to get to her through Lola. She was sure the mob owned restaurant where they had dinner and the club where Lulu thought Lola stripped. And Lulu was sure that the Mafia had gotten to Lola since she accused Lulu of running a brothel.

If that wasn’t enough the defense brought up the fact that Lulu was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. She testified that she was sure people were pumping gas into her house through the walls. And when she went outside, the same people hired folks to dress up as students and surround her in her wheelchair. These “students” would then release gas from their backpacks to prevent her from getting fresh air. I mention the wheelchair because she entered the courtroom with a cane. The defense tried to show that during t he time she was confined to the wheelchair she really didn’t need it and her family was appalled that she would perpetrate such a fraud. During one recess, Lulu left the courtroom to go to the restroom. When she returned it was pointed out that she didn’t take her cane which she claimed to have needed.

In Part Three I will tell you about Lola’s stripping, and professional fetish escort work (she had a web site!)

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