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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #35

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Thursday Thirteen #35

13 Things About Dane Bramage

13 Old Wives Tales

Ever put Lemon Joy in a dish to kill mosquitoes? How about waiting an hour after you eat to go swimming. Did you know that sending money to single male bloggers is good luck? Okay the last one was made up but the others are Old Wives Tales. Who are these old wives and don't they have anything better to do than rule our lives with their endless rules!? Probably not. Anyway here are 13 Old Wives Tales. These are actual wives tales that people still subscribe to today. And if you are superstitious and still believe these are true then to avoid being cursed you must send $20 to someone named Dane.

  1. If a single woman sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.
    What about the single guy with Ho-Ho crumbs and cheetos in his bed? He dreams of his future exterminator coming to kill the vermin in his room.

  2. When you shiver for no reason, it means someone is walking over the ground where you will be buried.
    Imagine that they will bury you at the current site of a football stadium. You would shiver 2 hours every Sunday during the regular season.

  3. Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.
    Halle, Tyra, Beyonce...

  4. Spit on a new bat before using it for the first time to make it lucky.
    Yeah but it also makes them cranky and they flap around your head trying to bite you.

  5. Give your loved ones a pinch and a punch for the first of the month.
    Must be an Old Battered Wives Tale.

  6. A bride's veil protects her from evil spirits who are jealous of happy people.
    In some weddings it protects the guests from having to stare at the bride.

  7. To find out how long you will live, blow the seeds off the head of a dandelion. You will live as many years as there are seeds left on the head.
    That confuses me. Because the next one says;

  8. To tell the time, blow three times at the seed head of a dandelion. The number of seeds left is the hour.
    I would hate to get these two confused and blow the seed off a dandelion to find out I just limited my life span to six hours.

  9. If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studying for the test, the pencil will remember the answers. DON'T FALL FOR IT! I studied with a pencil and I figured since it knew all the answers I'd just leave it on the paper to take the test for me. Didn't work.

  10. The first man to walk through your front door in the new year should be carrying coal for the fire. That way, your hearth will never be cold that upcoming year.
    Oh like a lump of coal will keep you warm when they shut off your gas.

  11. If your right eye twitches there will soon be a birth in the family.
    A better indicator would be if your water breaks there is about to be a new birth in the family.

  12. Wedding Day Bad Omens: a pig, hare, or lizard running across the road, seeing an open grave, meeting a nun or a monk foretell barrenness
    I would pay to see a lizard run across the road to an open grave with a nun or monk by it.

  13. If cows are laying down you can expect rain.
    If cows are lying down I suspect cow tippers, unless vital organs are missing then I suspect aliens.

Wow that didn't even scratch the surface of the OWTs I found. I was amazed at how many dealt with who you would marry, and drunken men. If you have a favorite leave it in the comments.

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