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Monday, March 19, 2007

All Searches Lead To Dane Bramage #1

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I, like many other bloggers, often wonder what it is that brings a person to my little corner of the blogosphere. The obvious answer is my unbelievable charm and wit. No really it is. But sometimes people stumble across Dane Bramage while looking for something with a search engine. Thankfully Site Meter gives me the ability to see what searches led a reader to my blog.
The search phrase is in bold Light Steel Blue#1 and the the text on my blog they found is in Light Steel Blue#3

Crystal Meth Shadows and Demons
Jesus and His Disciples spent a great deal of time casting out demons and devils. ... Chimp stops smoking starts using crystal meth ...
They hit an archive page that had a post about demon possession and one of my Headlines about a chimp and Crystal Meth

Freudenschade dictionary
Freudenschade Baby! Did you know that Karl Rove was indicted May 12th? Me neither.
Okay the real word is schadenfreude. But the loons at DU made botched it and I blogged about it.

who was the only african american man to perish on th titanic
and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand
The perish part was form my list of favorite Bible verses and I am the African American part. Now where is the Titanic?

chuck norris sexist
Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. ... Okay call me a sexist prude but I really have a problem with the concept of emergency birth ...
Ahh, Chuck Norris jokes and an embattled Walmart. Hope the searcher got what they were looking for.

"foot model" search contest
My best friend and foot model is in the hospital with pancreatitis
My buddy Dave is NOT a foot model but I have used images of his big feet a few times on my blog. I don't think the searcher was looking for his size 13's. I hope I don't have to start paying Dave.

aclu +florida obese women elevator
That lady's SO FAT when she gets in an elevator, it HAS to go down. ... Stop the ACLU - Add Us To The List On Supporting This Cause ...
Fat jokes and Stop the ACLU. Does it get better than this?

famous buttcrack
famous women showing butt crack How in the world did this lead here? Well I blogged about a (butt)crack epidemic in Wyoming as police try to cut down on ...
Now this was a search that led to a post about a search for buttcrack.

pick up penny in God we trust
I have heard many people say that they would not pick up pennies since they don't have much, ... I make it a point to read the caption: “In God We Trust.” ...
My friend Scott allowed me to reprint his article on pennies.

Bangladesh Baptist Pastor Killed by Extremists after Attempt to Share Faith ...
I make it a point to post whenever possible, stories where Christians are victimized by followers of the "Religion of Peace". The MSM doesn't seem to like reporting these things.

Her credibility as a witness was immediately suspect when it was revealed that ... could take off her bifocals and put on her trifocals which were heavily tinted. ...
I wonder if the reader was looking for information on trifocals. Well they got my Jury duty story which had very little to do with trifocals.

A while back I tried to increase the flow of traffic to my blog by posting a piece with the top ten search engine items of that day. I figured if they were looking for WWE Smackdown they might as well visit me as much as any body else. Well it didn't work. Only one hit was a result of that post so I guess I won't try to manipulate traffic any more.

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