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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #47

Thursday Thirteen #47

13 Things About Dane Bramage

13 Things Going On Around Me

Well if you thought I was dead you were wrong. I have been preoccupied. My life is in major flux at the moment. Here are 13 reasons why:

  1. My niece and her kids moved out in April. She got a job and wanted to get her own place. I think it was too soon and I was right.

  2. My niece got laid off. And she gave up her apartment and moved in with my sister (her mom).

  3. My sister is losing her house. She has to be out by September. My niece wants to move back in with me but can't. I have remodeled the upstairs.

  4. The "People Under the Stairs" have to be out by October 1st. No one is happy with this situation. But 2 years is enough.

  5. Dave had another hospital stay. Pancreatitis flared up again and he went to emergency. A milder case this time with a shorter stay. He's home now.

  6. My niece will move "Under the Stairs". Once Dave and his wife have moved, my niece will take over the basement. I don't know what she is going to do in September. She has to b out of her mom's and can't move in downstairs for another month. Meanwhile the kids, 3 this year, will have to be ferried back and forth to school from where ever she is.

  7. Dave needs to move earlier. Things would work out much better (for me) if Dave were to move out 30 days earlier. I haven't approached him about it yet. He is not the most understanding of other peoples needs if they conflict with his own.

  8. My mom is moving into a retirement home. She's 67 and still works (where I get my work ethic I guess) but her income is not much and she won't be able to stay where she is now. They've up her rent.

  9. My homeowner niece is still unemployed. She was trying to go to school but her finances are starting to really suffer so she is looking for work to get caught up on her bills. My sister and brother-in-law may have to move in with her until they find another place of there own. No one gets along with my brother-in law for very long.

  10. My vacation plans have been derailed. A new situation has arisen which will force me to cut short my vacation in August and come home early. I am not looking forward to that day.

  11. Work is hell. My department is short 3 people. We now have one new drone and two contractors. My deliverables have been suffering and I don't think my performance rating this year will be half of last year.

  12. Money is short. Just not enough to go around.

  13. My inner "Mr. Hyde" has been surfacing too often of late. I have been told that I am grouchy, short tempered, and all mopey lately.

Well I do feel better having shared my burdens. I know these are just temporary situations and that in less than 75 days I will have a completely new set of issues. Ah life. Next week I will list the 13 blessings that have helped me through this.

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