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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #46

Thursday Thirteen #46

13 Things About Dane Bramage

13 Favorite Thursday Thirteens

In honor of this being the 100th edition of Thursday Thirteen I am listing 13 of my favorite T13s.

  1. 13 Thursday Thirteen Logos
    Custom T13 Logos (TT#30) Feet shoes is still my favorite. I am in the process of making a better pair with the new photochopping skills I have learned. Now if only Dave would sit still.

  2. 13 Quotes About Women
    Sayings by Famous People (TT#32) Not all are flattering but all are true! Don't hurt me till after the next one.

  3. 13 Quotes About Men
    More Quotes by Famous People (TT#33) Guys take their lumps in this list.

  4. 13 Searches That Lead Here
    Strange Search Engine Queries That led to Dane Bramage (TT#29) Not sure why "famous women showing Butt crack" led to my humble blog. Read the list and find out though.

  5. 13 Demotivational Posters
    Samples from (TT#41) "Meetings: None of us is as dumb as all of us!" I have the coffee mug. I take it to meetings. Here are 13 posters.

  6. 13 Things about Scott Murray's Book Trucker's Tales
    Notes About My Friend's First Book (TT#36) Scott's knowledge and wisdom are vast. His wit is only half vast.

  7. 13 Memorable Films
    Films That Made an Impression on Me (TT#5) When someone said "movies" these were the first 13 to pop into my head.

  8. 13 Hat Tips
    Shout Outs to Other Blogs (TT#22) I thought this was a clever idea. 13 blogs that referred to 13 other blogs. Double the linkage!

  9. 13 Books That just Came to Mind
    Films That Made an Impression on Me (TT#17) A list of my favorite books of all time.

  10. 13 Favorite Games
    Games That I Play or Have Played (TT#10) Gaming is my hobby. (I am currently at the Origins 2007 Game Fair as you read this! Woo Hoo!) Here are some of my favorite all time games.

  11. 13 Favorite Television Shows
    Television Shows Old and New (TT#25) I have never seen Survivor, Friends, Seinfeld, or American Idol. Despite that I am told I am moderately well adjusted. Here is a list of what I do watch.

  12. 13 Things About the Real Me
    Can You Separate Truth from Fiction I have listed 13 things and invite you to find the single false statement in the group

  13. 13 Favorite Bible Verses
    My Favorite Scriptures Here are 13 of my favorite Bible Scriptures including my life's verse!

Congratulations to Thursday Thirteen on reaching the 100th Edition Milestone. I hope everyone who participates catches the spirit and gives you a list of their lists!

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