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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #17

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Thursday Thirteen #17

13 things about Dane Bramage

The 13 Books That just Came to Mind

A popular meme theme is books. I thought I would list 13 books or series of books and their authors that I have enjoyed. I am not a voracious reader and it's been years since I read some of these books. But they all have had some kind of impact on me.
  1. Bible (Holy Spirit) I am surprised at the number of Christians who have never read through the Bible even once. My church encourages all of us to read through the Bible every year. We publish our monthly calendars with chapters and verses listed daily. It is easier than you think!

  2. The Amber Chronicles (Roger Zelazney) My favorite fantasy series. There are 10 books and Roger didn't finish the story before he died. Don't you hate that?!

  3. Dune (Frank Herbert) I was completely blown away by this book. I read the sequel but became too depressed to finished the series. The Sci-Fi Channel mini-series was better than the movie but both fell short of the book. Herbert is dead but others have continued the saga of Dune to this day.

  4. Foundation Series (Issac Asimov) Classic Sci-Fi. A great read in my more formative years.

  5. 1984 (George Orwell) A reading assignment for High School Lit but that in no way lessoned the book's impact.

  6. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, quadrilogy, septilogy (Douglas Adams) I read the trilogy and laughed so hard I thought I would cry at times. Then I heard there was a fourth book in the series and rushed out to get it. That was twenty one years ago. Then Douglas Adams died. Last year I discovered that he had written a fifth book to his trilogy. Too bad the movie they made stank so badly.

  7. Dead Zone (Steven King) It spawned a T.V. show so how bad could it be? The book was excellent from beginning to end. It was scary, not in the horror sense like some of his other books but in the sense of what evil a human being is capable of. You know, like a Democrat.

  8. UPDATE: The rest of the list is below the fold. Go to the end of the post and click "We want to read more!"

  9. Breakfast of Champions (Kurt Vonnegut) Today I think Kurt is a bit too liberal for my tastes politically. But I read much of his early stuff and always admired his ability to see things differently from most people. This book was banned, burned and caused no end of controversy for it's use of the N-bomb.

  10. Lath of Heaven (Ursula K. Lequin) A post apocalyptic tale of a man with a unique power. I saw the PBS adaptation starring Harry Anderson (a dramatic role) and it prompted me to get the book which of course was better. That led me to read some of her other stuff.

  11. Ghost Story (Peter Straub) What's the worst thing you've ever done?," followed by the response, "I won't tell you that, but I'll tell you the worst thing that ever happened to me...the most dreadful thing. I could not put this book down. Over twenty years later and I still think about this book. My most favorite horror story.

  12. Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury) I think this was required reading if you were going to be a serious Sci-Fi fan. I remember being really excited about NBC doing a mini-series with Rock Hudson. I think they ruined it by trying to tie all the stories together.

  13. Ringworld Engineers (Larry Niven) Talk about world building. Imagine a ring around a sun. Now imagine the engineering nightmare it would present to keep it at the correct distance. Niven didn't have to imaging. After writing "Ringworld" he would get calls in the middle of the night by fans who would scream "Ringworld is unstable!" and then hang up. Ringworld Engineers gave Niven an opportunity to address their concerns and further a truly imaginative story world.

  14. Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison) You might think this is another Sci-Fi book and you'd be wrong. I read this book and remember it was the first one that made me angry about how people relate to one another. It fueled the angry black youth within me those three decades ago. An excellent book but not one all people can readily identify with. It deals with color, racism and identity.

So this is some reading material to hopefully keep you busy. Next week I hope to have a T13 from The Big Easy where I will be attending a business conference.

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