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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 21

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Thursday Thirteen #21

13 things about Dane Bramage

The Photo Church Tour Edition

Well I have been swamped at work lately and some of you may have noticed I was attempting to write the worlds crappiest novel. (Those of you who noticed, my thanks for not mentioning how very little I got done towards my goal of 50K words.) Anyway I thought since I was going to be late this week with my T13 I would try something simple. So here are 13 thumbnails of my church, Heritage Baptist Church. It has been called by some "The most unique church in Ohio". We call it "The church in the Barn". This past weekend we had a special day called "Old Fashioned Sunday". I took some pics. I also added some shots from our "Chili Supper and Bake-Off" a couple weeks ago. To see the full picture just click on the thumbnail.
  1. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThe doorman dressed for Old Fashioned Sunday

  2. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarMy Pastor and Robert E. Lee. Okay not Robert E. Lee but Brother George is an amazing facsimile.

  3. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarOne of our young men with the Pastor.

  4. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThe foyer set up for Western Sunday. The hats were gifts to all the visitors.

  5. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThe Ladies Trio singing "Old Style Preacher Man" on Old Fashioned Sunday

  6. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThe Pastor and his wife.

  7. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThe whole family got dressed up. What beautiful little girls.

  8. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarOne of our young couples.

  9. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarThis is our fellowship hall. We use it for special meetings and events. It goes along with our "Church in the Barn" motif.

  10. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarHere we have singing just prior to eating at our Chili Supper and Bake-off which is one of the special events we have.

  11. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarAnother view of the fellowship hall. The wagon is ours too.

  12. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarEveryone enjoying Chilis and stews, followed up by cakes, pies and cheescakes. It was tough voting on the winners.

  13. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarWe have our own school. This is the main schoolroom in the church lower level. We teach grades K through 12 and many of our graduates have gone on to college.
Well I hope you enjoyed the fifty cent tour. Stop in some Sunday and we will be glad to show you around the place.

1. eve
2. KarenW
3. East of Oregon
4. Susan Helene Gottfried
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14. Melissa
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18. Nathalitanis
19. Caylynn
20. Irish Church Lady
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22. Chupieandjsmama

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