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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An Army of One....Just One

I found this article Schadenfreude: An Army of One....Just One while perusing my blogrolls. Here's an excerpt :
Now, with a war waging against a shadowy and elusive enemy, there is a lot more grey. Kids aren't buying the "money for college" line like they used to. The Soldiers we are getting now understand what's at stake. These are America's true patriots. These kids are joining up knowing there's a war on, understanding the battle lines are not static, and answering the call of the bugle with pride and fortitude.

You should read the entire thing but the reason I chose to share this with you is because it goes along with something I have been meaning to do for a long time. Well not that long seeing as I have only been blogging since April 6th. I have been meaning to tell you about my friend Glenn.

Glenn and I have known each other for almost twenty years. A couple of years ago Glenn did something I consider extraordinary. He joined the Navy Reserves. Since we were sharing a room at the Origins Game Expo this year I thought I would ask him about his decision.

DB: When did you join the Navy Reserves? What part?

Glenn: I joined August 22 of 2003. I came in under the advance pay grade program for non prior service personnel. In August of last year I passed my Exam for promotion and was advanced to petty officer third class. I was originally with a Frigate augment unit I have recently began to drill with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 26 detachment 13(Seabee are how they are referred as).I am in the process of working on Seabee combat warfare pin and My Air detachment assignment is with the Tactical Movement Team.

DB: How old were you then?

Glenn: I had just turned 36 the month before.

DB: What made you decide to enlist?

Glenn: Partly because of 9/11 and partly because I have always wanted to enlist. It just took sometime to say I am going to do it.

DB: Were people surprised?

Glenn: Yes and no. Most of my friends knew I had an interest in military history. They were not that surprised that I had done it. They where surprised that it took only a couple of weeks for it all to get done and I really did not talk to anyone about it until it was done.

DB: Does your family support your decision?

Glenn: For the most part yes they do. My grandma was very pleased that I went into the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy as a Seabee in WWII. This past Memorial Day I went out with my mom and grandma to see that side of the family. We also visited my grandfather’s grave. I left my two challenge coins there at the grave. One for making petty officer third class and one the generic Seabee challenge coin.

DB: Will you be going to Iraq?

Glenn: Yes the battalion is slated to be deployed sometime next year. I have a good idea of when I am not saying when to keep operational security. We also have a good idea as to which Air Det will be going. This would be a good time to explain that term as stated Seabees are formed most of the time in a battalion structure with companies and platoon and squads (we use the marine infantry organization) but most of the time we deploy as what is called an Air Det which is roughly 120 people and that is supposed to self sustaining for so many days.

DB: How do you feel about that?

Glenn: I am nervous to be honest but like a lot of the sailors in the Bees a little excited by the idea of being forward deployed and doing our jobs. We are some of the best civil action folks out there. Winning hearts minds and teaching trades to local population. So the idea of being out there to help people and my shipmates is important as well.

DB: What’s the worst thing that's happened to you regarding your decision?

Glenn: The cost incurred while I had to take care of my teeth so I am capable of being deployed.

DB: What's the best thing?

Glenn: The best thing I would to say is the friendships I have developed in the Navy. I have had a chance to meet some real stand up people and what I like best so far about the Bees everybody works. With Compassion for others We Build- We fight for peace with Freedom. Can Do

Thanks for your service Glenn and Godspeed!

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