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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Pulpit Pounder: Now It Begins

Why do the work when someone else has already done it? Makrothumeo at The Pulpit Pounder has this post Now It Begins where he samples the left's responses to Judge John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court. I would have done it myself but he beat me to it. No really I would have gotten around to blogging about it. Eventually. Check it out.
I particularly like the comment made by NOW.
NOW--"Bush Picks Anti-Roe Judge...Women's Lives on the Line" (No, I'm not kidding, that's what it says).
He concludes with this warning:
So for all those blogging out there today that this is going to be a slam-dunk winner and the lefties are going to be reasonable and responsible, guess again.
I never expected the left to be reasonable and responsible. I love the fact that President Bush did everything asked of him, consulted with the Dems, nominated a man of character and legal knowledge. AND Judge Roberts had been confirmed for his current position by Republicans and Democrats. It will make the left look that much more foolish and unstable when they oppose (and I think they will oppose him) Judge Roberts.

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