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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Origins Recap

Well the best laid plans etc… I was all psyched to go to Origins and blog from the Game Expo everyday but life had other plans. I was so ill I slept most of the first day, rising only to eat. By Friday the worst was past but I was so tired that I couldn’t bring myself to compose the posts I wanted too. So now I am posting after the fact.

The show was a good one. I am still waiting to hear attendance figures. It seemed a little down this year and I will be interested in knowing if they broke the 15K mark. I noticed there were a lot more kids this year. I wish I could say that things went smoothly and like clockwork but the show was plagued with problems. On a personal note, events I had scheduled to run did not show up in the Pre-registration or the on-site registration books so no one could sign up for them. On Wednesday the computers crashed, I know these things happen but I stood in line with my fever for almost an hour. The computer status had nothing to do with my situation since all the materials I was there to pick up were already printed out and sorted. They simply did not allocate the manpower to handle the line. The Smithee Awards was delayed 40 minutes because the AV people did not supply a remote with the DVD player and couldn’t find one once the show started. If not for a fan and her laptop (Thanks Mary!) we may not have had a show. None of these are unforgivable problems UNLESS GAMA fails to learn from them and repeats them year after year.

Other than that the show was great. The Dealer’s room was packed and there was great new games and expansions released at the show. My traveling companions all had a great time and gave glowing reports of their experiences. It was a good time and we are looking forward to next year. (Some of us are also looking forward to GEN CON:Indy 2005 in August too...)

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