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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 7/6/2005

New Dolphin Species Found in Australia
Experts say it is lighter than other species and tastes like chicken

G-8 Leaders Expected to Pledge Africa Aid
Leaders unable to withstand intense pressure generated by worldwide concerts.

China Treats Addicted Video-Game Players
Reports remakable success of their "Labor Camp Retreat" program

Bush Drops a Few Clues About Candidate
Democrats pick up crayon, notebook and sit in their big chair to figure it out

WHO Reports More Polio Cases in Indonesia
Okay I give up. Who?

Russian Astrologer Sues NASA Over Comet
Nostra-scam-us says "Can't get a clear picture since NASA's been up there mucking about"

Dinosaur Track Found in Alaskan Park
Authorities say millions bet on illeagal T-Rex racing

Telescopes Analyze Probe-Comet Collision
Probe cited for failure to yeild and sentenced to driver school and comet was driving while uninsured

Bush: Abortion Won't Decide Court Nominee
Bush will retain the right to abort current sitting members of the court

Stewart Says Prison Nickname 'M. Diddy'
Sean Combs welcomes her to the Diddy clan

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