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Friday, May 12, 2006

Headlines For Friday 5/12/2006

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Vatican throws out China bishops
Church replacing all porcelain clergy with flesh and blood models

12 Species of Flies Get Federal Protection
Fly hunters and garbage can developers plan to appeal

You'll never be a man
Words of Elton John's gym coach haunt him to this day

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says
And not surprisingly it is still better than the U.S. unborn death rate

Snoop Dogg Back to London to Face Police
Snoop hopes his good pal Lee Iacocca will bail him out

Dude ranch reopens as nude ranch
Visitors hang out by the corral chewing the rawhide

Kidnapped oilmen freed in Nigeria
Oilmen having hard time getting home. Says everyone is ignoring their emails requesting aid

Julia Louis-Dreyfus to host 'SNL'
Move harkens viewers back to a time after SNL stopped being funny but before it became boring

Dixie Chicks Recall Death Threat
Trio takes back plan to kill career

Quaid drops 'Brokeback' lawsuit
Randy 'knew how to quit them'

Missing Manure Mystifies Middlefield
Purloined Poop Puzzles Police
Stolen Stool Stumps Street-cleaner
Confiscated Caca Confounds Citizens

Stones deny Richards suffered brain damage
Aging rocker's brain was pretty much gone by 1968

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