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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Headlines for Thursday 05/04/2006

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Halle Berry says she wants to adopt
Oow! Oow! ME! Me! Adopt Me!

Springsteen expresses New Orleans' pain
That pain has a name and it's Ray Nagin

Man tells executioners "It's not working"
Man refused to be executed until they got it fixed

Arctic town builds anti-reindeer fence
Includes Anti-Aircraft bateries to prevent flyovers

'The View' brings Rosie O'Donnell aboard
Fans now complain that 'The view' is blocked

Anna Nicole Smith scores Supreme Court win
Now seeks to score some more feeble rich geezers

'Baywatch' Actress Seeks Motley Divorce
Donna decides to deep Sixx her husband

Geena Davis Honored for Role As President
By having her low rated show yanked from the air

Housewife complains of medium's 'sexorcisms'
Should have skipped the medium and used an extra large

Zanzibar Dolphin Deaths Puzzle Scientists
Scientist say dolphins were in good spirits and looking forward to swimming and eating fish just prior to death

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