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Monday, May 22, 2006

Headlines for Monday 5/22/2006

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Stars come out for Gore's documentary
Film chronicles the Presidential loser's role in inventing The Internet, Environmentalism, and Hollywood

Piano Found Near Summit of Mountain
Piano music was used to soothe the mountain ears

Friend left as deposit at gas station
Later sold to owner of gas-friend hybrid vehicle

Wash. Church Organist Charged With Fraud
Prosecuter sure organist was key player in big church racket

WW2 plane loses cockpit cover, hits German carry-out stand
Exemplifying the precision bombing technique which won the war

Mike Wallace: I once tried to commit suicide
Better luck next time Mike (not nice, I know, leave hate mail in comments)

Compound could fight superbugs
Merck announces developement of Kryptoniteocin

Pachyderm won't pace to keep off pounds
Rosie Odonnell won't lose weight for The Veiw

Feingold, Specter clash over gay marriage
Arlen wants June nuptials while Russ wants to hold out for a Summer wedding

Police train rats to sniff out landmines
Rats glad to get out of the carcinogen testing lab once and awhile

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