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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nehring The Edge: Jesus Loves You But Hollywood Thinks You’re A Jerk

Nehring over at Nehring The Edge pointed out that a Christian themed film, Facing The Giants will recieve a harsher movine rating. It is to recieve a PG instead of a G. The reason? Was there too much sex? No. How about violence? No. Bad language maybe? Not at all. It is getting the harsher rating because of the frequent references to Jesus Christ. In his post Jesus Loves You But Hollywood Thinks You’re A Jerk Nehring writes:
After reviewing the upcoming Christian film Facing The Giants the MPAA has stated the film, since it refers to Jesus Christ in a “proselytizing” way, may be too offensive for some filmgoers. As a way to warn parents of all of this nasty Christian business, they have given this reportedly meek film a PG instead of the expected G Rating.
He goes on to make this most excellant point:
By their move against Facing The Giants they have clearly affirmed that they are anti-Christian. Would they have dared say a film affirming Judaism or Islam needs to be marred with a “warning” to parents? Did they offer a harsher rating for The Da Vinci Code due to its clear offensive material? Was the audience of people offended by a film that denies the basic tenants of the Christian faith even thought of when The Da Vinci Code was given a PG-13? The answer is an obvious no. What of all of the G films which show Christians as the villains (go watch Pocahontas …actually, I take that back, it stinks skip it.) How many G Rated films cite Native American spiritual beliefs openly and in detail?
Read the whole thing and look around the site if you like movie reviews from a Christian viewpoint.

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