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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Headlines for Tuesday 6/13/2006

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Man Eats 47 Cheese Sandwiches in 10 Min.
Man not expected to go to the bathroom for 6 months.

Boo Boo the Chicken Dies
Boo Boo's memorial was held Monday. It served a family of four and came with two sides.

Detox Clinic Set for Video Game Addicts
Downloading the patch proved fruitless

'Mummy' Accused of Robbing Miss. Bank
Bubba Ho-tep extradited to Memphis

Russian police mistake rugby match for brawl"
Natural mistake. Russians play hockey so they would be unable to differentiate a sport from a brawl.

Mayor Wants Brothels Kept From Cemeteries
Opponents claim business was dead; had hoped to dig up some working stiffs

Man Severs Penis to Prove Faithfulness
It belonged to his wife's lover

Doc sez 17 beers a day will fight cancer
Well not really but after 17 beers who cares

Global Warming Is Spurring Evolution, Study Says
Change affected over 10 billion years scheduled to conclude Thursday

Wardrobe for the weightless:
Supermodels even thinner than usual

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