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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #52

Thursday Thirteen #52

13 Things About Dane Bramage

13 Comic Books That Became Movies

The whole Iron Man movie thing got me to thinking about comics and movies so I decided to make a list of 13 comic book heroes that were made into movies.

  1. Captain America IMDb link This film sucked horribly. The best thing in it was Ronny Cox. They are scheduled to make another one although I understand that in the current comic line Captain America is dead. Go figure.

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  3. Punisher (IMDb Link1 IMDb Link2) Didn't see the 1989 version with Lou Gossett Jr. and Dolph Lungren? Don't worry it went straight to video in this country. Before the release though I snagged a copy of the film released in Japan. It had Japanese subtitles. The 2004 version was high budget but I thought the Punisher was too cruel and sadistic.

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  5. Fantastic Four (IMDb Link)Unbeknownst to most there are three Fantastic Four movies. The latest two were great. The first sucked so bad they never intended it to be shown.

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  7. Spiderman (IMDb Link) Marvel finally got it right with a big name hero. Three major successes following a mediocre television series.

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  9. Hulk (IMDb Link) Here we have the opposite. A mediocre (but big CGI budget) movie after a long running successful television show.

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  11. Blade (IMDb Link)I think this really gave Marvel some confidence in the whole comic book to movie idea. Blade was a huge stylish success with two sequels.

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  13. Daredevil (IMDb Link)One of the few times I enjoyed watching Ben Affleck. I thought the movie was good. Some had a problem with Kingpin being played by Michael Clarke Duncan. Kingpin is a white villain and Michael is a black man. Didn't bother me at all

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  15. Ghost Rider (IMDb Link)While this was not a bad movie, it was not a sensational movie. They took lots of liberties with the comic story but that happens more often than not in comic movies. Still I will own a copy.

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  17. Xmen (IMDb Link)I loved the X-Men of the sixties and I loved the more famoous team of the seventies and eighties. I absolutely loved this movie and the second one. The third was okay I just didn't like the fact that they killed so many heroes.

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  19. Superman (IMDb Link)My all time number one favorite comic movie of all time. I was blown away as a teen watching it in the theater. I loved the second movie too! The third was okay the forth was boring. Then there was Superman Returns and I say "Why?" It was an abomination, a waste of celluloid. I HATED everything about that flick. The makers should be stoned for their sacriledge.

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  21. Batman (IMDb Link)Like the Superman franchise, the Batman franchise was a favorite starting with the first and decreasing with each installment. Micheal Keaton was by far my favorite Batman. But where "Superman Returns" sucked canal water, "Batman Begins" excelled! It was awsome.

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  23. Ultraviolet (IMDb Link)Probabbly would have been better titled "Ultra Violent". It was non-stop fight scenes. All flash and no substance.

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  25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IMDb Link) I actually had issue #2 of TMNT and people thought I was crazy. Then they were everywhere. That comic would be worth lots of money now. They did live action movies in the eighties plus cartoons. The last film was all CGI.

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There are others, some made just for TV some made just for video. There's Aeon Flux, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Electra, Catwoman, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, Transformers, and Mystery Men to name a few. Name some more in the comments.

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