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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Headlines for Wednesday 10-3-07

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Study finds human-robot attachment
For an extra $50 study will find an attachment that vibrates

Asteroid Named for `Star Trek' Actor Takei
Sulu hopes his 'roid will probe Uranus

10,000 Wildebeest Die in Mass Drowning
Kenya announces surplus of 1 million cans of wildebeest soup
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Woman gives birth to own grandchildren
Kentucky woman and her husband/father/uncle plan to take kids home soon.

Naked Man Holds Up Mini Mart
Suspect fled in shame when clerk was unimpressed with his weapon

Rice drops by Harlem school, encourages students to excel
The Secretary of State immediately came under attack by Jesse Jackson who accused her of acting black
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Sheriff offers to marry fugitives
Worried county officials urge lonely sheriff to date people other than fugitives

Philippine Officials Find 'Spider' Mail
With eight legs it is hoped new service will be faster than snail mail

Jimmy Carter Faces Down Darfur Officials
So he grows a spine 28 years too late
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Driven People May Avoid Alzheimer's
Miss Daisy is fine but poor old Hoke can't remember who she is

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