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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Headlines for Wednesday 10-31-2007

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Wiccan Lottery Winner to Open Witch School
You don't want to get an 'F' in Spelling in this school.

Ex-Idol still shocked by success
I didn't know there that many shopping malls to open

Strike threatens Hollywood; reality shows loom
More reality shows is a threat to viewers

Shatner: How come I'm not in new 'Star Trek'?
Producers: There aren't enough curtains in this film for you to chew

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Edwards shifts focus to integrity
He thought he'd give something new a try

Prostitutes sew lips together in protest
The hookers made no comment on the success of their strike

Coach Accused of Exposing Buttocks
Apologizes for his cheeky move and hopes not to set a bad example

Police Catch Burglar With His Pants Down
Says he was inspired by his coach

Baby Giraffe Named in Honor of Red Sox
'Colorado Crusher' is doing well.

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Fiat found with 2 cows, 2 goats squeezed inside
Strangest double date ever seen at Lovers Lane
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