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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Headlines for Tuesday 10/09/2007

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Purpose of appendix believed found
Many believe it to hold supplementary material stored at the end of a piece of writing

Eat your food, get your money back
Diners preferred this to the "Get your food back" offer

Experts: Brain-Eating Amoeba Doesn't Pose Health Risk
Well not to Democrats anyway

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Pulled over by an F-16
Now thats going really fast

New Prototype Phone Gives Fitness Check
The organ it is most concerned with is your wallet

Wedlock: Cops seize couple that robbed bank to marry
Vows to include "In Sickness and in Jail"

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Customs find beetles stuffed with cocaine
Smoking these roaches would really get you high

Man Jailed for Trying to Pass $1M Bill
He failed to notice the sign that said "We do not accept bills greater than $500000"

Man wins contest with 1,524-lb. pumpkin
Immediately sold shell as wife housing to a Mr. Peter Pumpkin-Eater

Sculptor's crack baffles art world
But most agree it is better than looking at plumber's crack

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