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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Explain This To Me

Okay Hillary ran away with the Michigan Primary. So what does that mean? I ask because Michigan chose to hold their primary early, something they obviously have the power to do. But in doing so they have angered the RNC and DNC. The RNC has stripped Michigan of half of it's delegates while the DNC has taken all of their delegates. Because the state went ahead and had their primary early, incurring the sanctions of the DNC, both Obama and Edwards both withdrew from the primary which I guess means Hillary ran unopposed. But what did she win?

At the national convention will there be the sound of crickets when they ask the delegates from Michigan who they vote for? Could someone explain the ramifications to me? I don't think the Michigan Democrats seem all that bothered by it. Either that or they could raise enough influence to stop the premature primary.

As I get older and more into politics, the more I begin to appreciate the wisdom of my youth of staying out of politics.


Eve said...

As I get older I feel somehow compelled to take more of an interest in politics. It makes me mad. I'd rather be oblivious to the whole thing, but find I simply cannot ignore it any longer. One more thing to resent about getting old!

orneryswife said...

Or as AADriller said in his TT this week, his favorite politician is a dead one...

JAM said...

I hear you friend. I'm more into politics with the passing years and more confused and disgusted than ever. The whole primary/caucus thing is insane.

John McCain is supposed to be the Republican's best hope? Jeesh. The guy isn't even in the same ball park as being conservative.

I might actually sit out this election if John McCain wins the Rep nomination.

Lord, come quickly!