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Monday, April 18, 2005

Dark Horse Pope Contender Gets Closer to Prize

Cardinal Who Warned of 'Antichrist' Rises in Betting Odds

Cardinal Biffi, emeritus bishop of the archdiocese of Bologna, was recently listed as a 125-to-1 long shot to succeed John Paul II.
But does Pinnacle know something we don't?
The paper reports that as an influx of "bets were placed on Biffi in the past several days, the odds on the 76-year-old Italian had dropped to 50 to 1 by Wednesday."

I find this article fascinating for a three reasons. First it states the likelihood of Cardinal Giacomo Biffi becoming Pope in gambling odds. Is there nothing people won't bet on? Oh I’m sure that many good Catholics are betting on the Pope because they lost so much money on John Paul ll "dead pools" over the years. He sure knew how to cling to life. But I still am not sure about this whole betting thing. I believe gambling is sin and many Catholics will tell me the same thing, right before they leave for BINGO duty. Benny Hinn placed a bet but he thinks he has an in. He’s arranging for God to fix the election.

Biffi is strongly anti-Masonic. He was quoted as saying Catholic churches should ban Mozart's music, as the composer was a Mason. The Church and the Masonic movement have long had an antagonistic relationship.

The second thing I found fascinating was this man’s beliefs about the Masons and the anti-Christ. They mirror my own for the most part and yet I can’t find a Catholic who believes the same way. Obviously Biffi is more conservative than many of his peers. I think that will hurt his chances since the pendulum is due to swing the other way, away from the conservative stands of JPll.

In recent years Biffi stirred controversy by saying Italy should "protect its national identity" and stop the avalanche of Muslim immigrants.
In 2000, Biffi predicted that "Europe will either become Christian again or it will become Muslim." He added ominously., "The vast majority of Muslims are coming here determined to remain outside our humanity."
(Emphasis mine)

Lastly I like what this guy has to say about Europe and Islam. He points out what the heads-in-the-sand leftist happily ignore. Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive beliefs. People who choose to be Muslim have no intention or desire to coexist peacefully with Christians and Jews. Europe is nurturing a viper in its bosom. It is only a matter of time before it bites them. Sadly the same could be said about America too. Christians are going to have to take a stand and take it soon.

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