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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Collecting my Thoughts : FASTER ways to kill babies

There are many ways to find out who has linked to you. Sometimes It is through a blogroll. I stumbled across Collecting My Thoughts from my Technorati RSS feed. Norma has a very nice site (one of many) but I was particularly interested in her post FASTER ways to kill babies She discusses an article in New England Journal of Medicine about first trimester tests for Down's Syndrome (Vol. 353, no. 19, November 10, 2005, pp. 2001-2011). Part of her post says:
This article has the most bone-chilling, sanitized medicaleze I've ever read, beginning with the name of the Consortium that performed the study: FASTER stands for First- and Second-Trimester Evaluation of Risk. In short, you can find out earlier (faster) if your baby has Down's. However, there is a greater margin of error--more "false positives" if you rely just on the first trimester test instead of doing it again in the second trimester and comparing results. It is less stressful, I suppose, to kill off a baby before you feel those little ticklish butterfly kisses in your abdomen, but how do you turn off the brain that knows what you are really doing?
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