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Friday, December 02, 2005

Headlines for Friday 12/02/2005

Give Thanks to America's 'Nemesis': Cheap Oil for America's Poor
Democrats caught up in Venezuela's Freedom for Oil scandal

Zarqawi: Dead or Alive?
If you're giving me a choice I choose dead!

New Orleans Elections Delay Recommended
Extra time needed for Democrats to register Katrina fatalities to vote

Hillary Advocates 'Third Way' on Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Senator suggests we RUN and then CUT

Bigfoot-Sized Ape Lived Alongside Humans
Flint Michigan residents remember Michael Moore

Bartenders Replaced by Robots?
C3PO embarks on new post Star Wars career

Singapore Hangs Australian Drug Smuggler
Robot Bartenders misunderstood order for Singapore Sling

TSA to Change Screening Procedures Dec. 22
To insure your flight is hijacked by Christmas

Report Examines Ancient Mexican Footprints
Report finds ancient Mexicans had same number of toes as modern Mexicans

Tyra Banks Takes Final Spin on the Runway
Now awaits final clearance before take-off

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