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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 12/15/2005

Cop Said to Taser Partner After Soda Fight
Partner:"I was shocked he felt so strongly about Mr. Pibb"

FDA Advisers Say Diarrhea Vaccine Safe
Doctor gets news and runs with it

Japanese Get Fat Penguins to Exercise
New fitness initiative targets Catholic Sumo Nuns

Italian Lawmakers to Consider 20 Percent Tax on Porn
Measure could face stiff opposition

Deputy Delivers Baby Outside Dairy Queen
Baby born in back seat of Chevy; same place it was concieved

Law Requires Bathrooms for Transvestites
Look for bathroom doors marked Men, Women, and Other

Mapplethorpe Arrives in More-Tolerant Cuba
Artist mysteriously disappears along with exhibit "Piss Castro"

FDA to Consider Vaccine Against Shingles
Roofing Industry may not recover from this devasting blow

Man acquitted of murder under 'Make My Day' law
defendant refused plea bargain under lessor 'Do You Feel Lucky Punk' law

Spears Most-Searched for Item on the Web
Many prepare for total hand gun ban

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