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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Where Are We Going and Why Are We in This Handbasket Part V

Haven't done a WAWGAWAWITH for a while and I was thinking of just posting happy Christmas stories for season’s sake but then I remembered why Jesus was sent to Earth. It was to save sinners. Sinners like this cow Tayshea Aiwohi and her husband. Tayshea murdered her baby boy by smoking Crystal Meth for three days before the baby was born. The Worldnet Daily story: Ruling: Pregnant Moms Can Harm Babies At Will explains the situation. The baby died two days after birth and the witch's manslaughter conviction was overturned by the Hawaii Supreme Court who claimed an unborn child is not a person!
The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that unborn children are not "human beings," and therefore women cannot be prosecuted for causing the death of babies by harmful behavior during their pregancies.
The unanimous decision overturns the manslaughter conviction of 32-year-old Tayshea Aiwohi, who was found guilty in connection with the death of her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth.

ARRRRGGGH! As if that wasn’t enough, the moonbats circled the wagons and came out in full support of the ruling.
But House Judiciary Chairwoman Sylvia Luke, a Democrat, agrees with the decision.
"At least from the Judiciary Committee's standpoint, we don't have any interest in changing the current law to allow for such prosecution. I think that runs into a very dangerous ground because it can be expanded to not just drugs, but the state infringing on the woman's life when the woman is pregnant," Luke told the paper. "Are we now going to say that pregnant woman can't smoke or [dictate] how much calcium a person would take?"
Help me out here. Is calcium bad for a unborn child? Sheesh.

Thanks to Scott Peterson though we now have the Mother-of-All-Double-Standards. Women can murder their unborn children without fear of prosecution. But let someone else harm the child or the mother in such a way as to kill the unborn child then that person can and will be charged.
Also known as "Laci and Conner's Law," the measure was enacted in the wake of the murder of Laci Peterson of Modesto, Calif., and her unborn son. Laci's husband, Scott Peterson, was convicted of murder and is currently on death row.
In June, Gerardo Flores of Texas was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison after kicking his pregnant girlfriend repeatedly in the stomach to cause her to lose the couple's twins. The girlfriend, Erica Basoria, did not want the babies to be born and allowed Flores to kick her, but she was not charged with any wrongdoing by the state of Texas.
So mothers-to-be can self-abort their children at will up to and even after the child is born. Anyone who decides to help her (who isn’t an abortion doctor or legislator) will do serious time. Oh what special times we live in.
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