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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Give Me a Frickin Break!

I made my feelings about Tookie Williams' execution clear prior to his meeting his maker at 12:35am PST. Tookie maintained he was innocent up to the end So where do the moonbat brigade get off making statements like this one?
After watching her longtime friend die, Barbara Becnel told the crowd of hundreds gathered outside prison gates that she would prove Williams' innocence and that Schwarzenegger was a "cold-blooded murderer."
Arnold is a cold-blooded murderer? Just on semantics alone, execution is not murder. Execution is punishment and in this case punishment that fit the crime. Governor Schwarzenegger did not sentence Tookie to die, a jury did. Governor Schwarzenegger did not believe that he should discard the findings of due process and give a quadruple murderer clemancy. So for that he is a cold blooded murderer?
But wait there's more.
Singer Joan Baez, M A S H actor Mike Farrell and the Rev. Jesse Jackson were among the celebrities who protested the execution.

"Tonight is planned, efficient, calculated, antiseptic, cold-blooded murder and I think everyone who is here is here to try to enlist the morality and soul of this country," said Baez, who sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" on a small plywood stage set up just outside the gates.
Great. More leftist luminaries heard from. They want to "enlist the morality and soul of this country" for the KILLER. They can't get it throught their empty skulls that the morality and soul of this country came down on Tookie Williams for the evil he did against four American citizens and the terror he unleashed against an entire community. But don't expect the MSM to side with the victims.
Whatever luck Williams found on the streets avoiding the law ended in 1979 after four people were killed in a pair of armed robberies that were connected to him and his pump-action shotgun.
So Tookie was just "unlucky" that his shotgun killed four people. And even though balistics tied the crime to his weapon the news still won't come out and say Tookie did it, thereby lending credibility to the myth that he is innocent. He BOASTED about killing those people. And all the moonbats that swear that Williams is innocent and promise to prove it, I ask "where were you during the last 25 years?" A quarter of a century seems to me a more than sufficient span to have something, anything that might have overtunrned Tookie's conviction. But they didn''t find a thing.

Amazing. Simply amazing. Stanley was tried and convicted of four murders. He started a gang that is responsible for dozens more not to mention all the drugs and crime his gang legacy was responsible for. And when, after 25 years he is put to death, the liberals call Arnold Schwarzenegger a cold-blooded murderer, and say this country has no morality or soul. Albert Owens, Yen-I Yang, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, and Yu-Chin Yang Lin might disagree with that, if they were alive today. But they are not because of Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

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