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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 12/07/2005

Saddam: "I Am Not Afraid of Execution"
"I have executed thousands of people...What?.. you mean execute me!?.."

Teacher connects with students
Teacher to be arraigned today on Lewd, Lascivious Battery charges

Beethoven Manuscript sells for $1.7m
Buyers plan new series of St. Bernard movies

Katrina Victims Testify on Racism's Role
Devastation to Black community proof positive that Katrina was a white hurricane

Five Deer Leap to Deaths From W.Va. Garage
Garage owner cited. Charged five bucks

Lawyer Says Foxy Brown Is Deaf
This could explain a lot of rap "music" today

Kanye West Performs at High School
Performance was unsatisfactory; singer held back a year

Wonder to Perform at Super Bowl Pre-Game
Veteran musician to team with Foxy Brown and Kanye West. Billed as Blind, Deaf and Dumb

Elian Gonzalez celebrates 12th birthday
Acknowledeges three greatest male influences in his life, Father, Castro, and Janet Reno

Woman Allegedly Hires Hit Man for Cheese
Woman suspected of being a Curd. Prosecutors to whey evidence.

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