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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 12/21/2005

Truck and crane used in Moore theft found
Police say this explains how were able to carry Michael away.

Santas Go on Rampage in New Zealand City
"Misunderstood" Santas continue to burn sleighs in the suburbs

Ice Chunk Falls From Sky in Japan
Publicity stunt by Ice Cube's rapper brother nearly ends in tragedy

Bush leaves out the bad news in Iraqi poll
A practice the President learned from the MSM and good news in Iraq

French Spiderman Climbs Paris Tower
Amazing photograph taken by Pierre Parkuer

Dog Among Defendants in Drug Dealer's Suit
Dog hires real ambulance chaser to defend him

Keepers fear penguin was snatched as gift
Arkham authorities enlist aid of The Batman to find felonius fowl

Moose Captured After Son Plays Saxophone
Moose still feels sax lessons were good idea for his son.

Double-mouthed fish pulled from Neb. lake
Mouth on each side of face, new speicies dubbed Kerryfish

Man in Santa Suit Robs Texas Bank
Suspect immediately placed on top of 10 Most Naughty List

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